Winner of America’s Next Top Model, Nicole Fox,

was Roxanne’s student.





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 See Roxanne’s interview on The Today Show.

* The One Day Intensive

How is a healthy self-image created?  Why is grace and poise necessary?

This intensive day is spent teaching teen girls the importance of movement in front of the camera as well as off camera and what our presence tell others about us.   Movement and modeling go hand in hand to help build self-confidence.  Runway movement helps build confidence, too. 

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 * Three Day Modeling Bootcamp

Why is it essential for a young woman to define beauty for herself?  How can she begin to see her own beauty and look inside for answers?  

With emphasis on inner beauty, the accelerated momentum of this bootcamp is intended for young women who like quick paced, fun activities to learn about themselves.  Modeling themes, such as what makes a woman beautiful, are designed to be explained with a focused purpose and plan.  A lot of material is covered in the three days and we strive to address many modeling themes for young women who aspire to learn about modeling and cultivate their own natural radiance and beauty. For more in-depth information click here.   

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 * Beginning Modeling Classes

Our transformative curriculum changes young girls’ lives by teaching them communication and life skills and giving them more positivity in their life.

The full modeling experience for your teenage girl is equally educational and life enhancing as it is fun. Help build her confidence by giving her this opportunity to live her dream.  Topics covered are important modeling themes such as having a healthy self-image, nutrition and diet, runway, poise through correct movement, natural makeup application, all with an emphasis that beauty begins on the inside. For in-depth class description, please click here.

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 * Advanced Modeling Classes

This advanced training promotes young girls’ lives by teaching life skills and more modeling skills to help them develop more positivity in their life.

The Advanced Modeling Classes are for those students who have completed Beginning Modeling and who want to continue learning.  The topics covered are still the important modeling themes that are taught in Beginning Modeling, yet are covered until the students are refined in their knowledge and comprehension of modeling. For in-depth class description, please click here

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* Modeling Summer Camp

How is self-esteem developed?  Why is confidence important for developing a career?

Teen girls learn, in this fun and interactive camp, how to go after their goals and declare their dreams while learning about their personal style, poise, grooming, social manners and, of course, their own signature catwalk.  Some highlights of the week consists of guest teachers, a yoga class, a photo shoot, printed photos to help begin building their modeling portfolios, plus, at the end of the week the students perform, for family and friends, in a fashion show wearing clothes provided by Francesca’s, plus, an optional After Camp Event at Madewell on 29th Street Mall with refreshments and gifts. For in depth camp information please click here.

When: Cancelled for 2015

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