Where Self Esteem Rises and Self Doubt Falls.  

Do you, or any girl you know, need a boost in confidence?  Are they a teenage girl struggling with their self-identity?  Do you know anyone who dreams of becoming a model?  Maybe it’s you!  I’ll show you how to gain self-confidence, understand the inner power you’ve always held and help you start building a professional career in modeling.  


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Build Self-Esteem in 1 Month

Build Self-Esteem 1 Month Program:

This program is designed for teenage girls needing to strengthen their own sense of self-worth and increase their happiness.

Teenage years can be a very challenging time. In this safe and gentle environment, we explore how stance, image, mind set and health create levels of happiness, and through this awareness your self-esteem blossoms. Each topic is explored in a fun way. The most beautiful unfurling takes place in a short amount of time once you have the guidance you need to make this transformation.

8 hours (4 sessions @ 2 hours each) $795

For information and to enroll please email:

Learn Modeling Techniques in 3 Months

Learn Modeling Techniques 3 Month Program:

This is an excellent program if you ever wondered what it would be like to model.

Want to know what a model knows? Learn the tricks on how to pose, walk, move and look like a model. This full modeling experience is both educational and fun. Build your confidence and start living your dreams. Topics covered are fundamental modeling themes: how to have a healthy self-image, how to keep a positive outlook, nutrition and exercise, runway, poise through correct movement, natural makeup application, plus more, all with an emphasis that beauty begins on the inside.

20 hours (10 sessions @ 2 hours each ) $1595

For information and to enroll please email:

Start a Modeling Career in 4 Months

Start a Modeling Career 4 Month Program:

This program is designed for those of you who absolutely must explore a career in modeling and don’t know how or where to start.

The topics covered are still the important modeling themes that are taught in the ‘Learn Modeling Techniques 3 Month Program’ yet in greater depth and with more practice. It’s a full modeling experience because it includes a professional photo shoot with a known professional photographer, a professional makeup and hair artist, wardrobe styling and suggestion, art direction by Roxanne who will be on set all day, and five retouched finished photos. This Program also includes post photo selection, help with the correct way to organize your portfolio in the most powerful and effective way, (including any and all photos you might have from other photo shoots) plus agent selection, how to submit, how to audition, what to expect, what to wear to the auditions, how to market yourself, how to have good communication skills, and how to treat your modeling profession like a real business. At this point you should be ready to follow your dream of modeling with your professional modeling portfolio in hand, a developed signature catwalk, knowledge of how to appear like a model reflected in your clothes, your makeup and hair style, plus the self-confidence to take you to wherever your dreams and imagination will lead.

24 hours (12 Sessions @ 2 hours each) plus one full day photo shoot $2495

For information and to enroll please email:

Model Mentoring by The Hour

Model Mentoring by The Hour:

This program is suited for models with previous modeling experience. If you have been modeling for a while but feel like your career isn’t where you want it to be, this is for you. Gain knowledge and a new perspective. Build the techniques missing from your modeling repertoire.

These individual sessions are custom made based on your own special needs. A brilliant way to get my expert advice concerning your professional career. Together we analyze what you’re doing and what you should be doing in order to ‘up your game’ in this industry, and to build a stronger and more profitable career. Begin to widen your market and your chances of working for professional clients who are happy to pay you well to model!

$150 an hour

For information and to enroll please email:

Modeling Summer Camp 2016

Modeling Summer Camp For Teenage Girls:

Come and join us for 5 days filled with beauty, runway, clothes, makeup and health.  Learn about the modeling industry in this safe environment with other girls just like you!  This year’s special guest teacher will be America’s Next Top Model Winner, Nicole Fox!

In this fun and interactive camp, you will learn how to go after your goals while learning about your own personal style and image, how to move with poise and confidence, how to define beauty for yourself, the importance of manners, taking care of your health, and, of course, your signature catwalk.  Some highlights of the week consist of guest teachers who are all professional models, a day of health and practicing yoga by one of Boulder’s top instructors (also a model), makeup lessons teaching you ‘day’ makeup and ‘runway’ makeup by professional artists from Denver, and, at the end of the week, perform for family and friends in a real live fashion show wearing stylish clothes provided by a local retail clothing store!  


July 5 – 9   T, W, TH, F, SA    12:30-4:30    

July 11 – 15, M, T, W, TH, F   12:30-4:30

Cost: $597 for one week

Space is limited.  No previous modeling experience necessary.  Open to every girl 13 years old and up.  Camp is held in Boulder, CO.  To enroll please email: or phone 720-432-9705 to reserve your place.  


 See ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures and testimonials here.  

DSCF0001-1Seventeen Cover of Nicole Fox






Winner of America’s Next Top Model, Nicole Fox, was a student of Image By Roxanne.


All of the programs at Image By Roxanne are designed to increase the basic skills of teenage girls for meeting life’s challenges and to give them a true sense of self-worth regardless of the path they choose to follow in life.  All of the programs (except for Modeling Summer Camp) are private, one-on-one consultations held in North Boulder.  Payment plans are available.  Skype consultations are available.  



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