Beauty Matters

Beauty builds confidence and gives strength.

It soothes the mind and body and instills contentment, health and happiness.  It is empowering and fosters independent thinking.
Beauty is positive. 

It inspires us to be better, encouraging kindness, generosity and sharing.  It uplifts the human spirit and makes life worth living.  It brings light and the ability to see the human potential.

Beauty is innate, timeless and comes from within.

It has been translated throughout the ages, in architecture, sculptures, frescoes and human adornment, imparting a consciousness of life and preservation of the earth.

The more attention you pay to beauty, the more you see it all around you.

The Vision

The vision of Image By Roxanne is to empower young women around the globe to define beauty for themselves, approach the world with optimism and grace, and follow their dreams into the fashion industry and beyond.


Image By Roxanne is dedicated to uplifting young women by helping them understand and share their unique and beautiful talents with the world.


Spring SunriseMy modeling career has lasted well beyond the normal span of a model’s career.  When I reflect on the many successful years of work I’ve had, and the many blessing I’ve had working in the fashion industry, there is a wealth of information I can share with youon how to keep your own beauty alive.I am now offering VIP Days* to women who are struggling with aging and want to revive their beauty and power.  VIP Days will be a fit for you if:

  • you feel frumpy most of the time but really want to feel fabulous
  • you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror
  • want to dress age appropriately but don’t know how
  • you want your life to flow with ease
  • you want to overcome the fear of aging

Here’s what recent clients had to say:

I would highly recommend Roxanne to any woman who has concerns with growing older, feeling frumpy and lost when they look in the mirror. She will remove the veil, get you feeling hot again and more importantly, finally amazing you again!”
—Dr Terry, Holistic Antiaging and Aesthetic Doctor.

My VIP day with Roxanne Gould was a day of empowerment, radiance and transformation.  My personal glitches and hiccups that have kept me from shining my internal splendor were wiped clean.”
* I’m offering complimentary 30 minute sessions so click here and let me know you are interested in booking a session today!
If you feel this is fit for you, book your VIP Day now by clicking here!


Allow Your Divine To Thrive!



My modeling career has lasted well beyond the normal span of a model’s career.  When I reflect on the many successful years of work I’ve had, and am still having, I have to admit it wasn’t all my doing.  Yes, I took action and made steps toward my goals but I think the main source of success was knowing that the Divine always ‘has my back’ and believing that opportunity will always come my way and I will always be OK.

It’s a very personal part of my life and I’m choosing to share it because I get asked how I do it.  Women want to know how I keep my looks, my positive attitude, my career with no end in sight. Some actions I take are very practical and many others are to simply let go and let God.  “God” to me is that Divine Energy that is just waiting to give to us what we want and what we desire.

Ageless Beauty

The April 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar printed a fab photo of legendary top models who are still looking stunning!  More than that, they are looking happy, vibrant, confident, healthy, and fun!  What better way to age than to feel really good about where you are in life?  Trying to resist it or fight it or deny it actually takes away from your natural beauty.  Did you know that?

New Year New You!

It’s a new year!  2012!  How exciting is that!!

Does a new year mean a new you?  Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t.  I like to think of a new year as getting rid of the old.  Getting rid of the old creates room for something new to come into your life which might be a wonderful and unexpected gift!   

Let’s talk about clothes.  Clothes work as a metaphor for everything in your life.  By releasing old clothes from your life, subconsciously you are releasing what doesn’t serve you at the same time.  By releasing what doesn’t serve you you’re not only creating space for something new to fill that space, you are opening up space in your mind for something new to come into your life no matter where.   

As women we place such importance on our wardrobe.  You can use your clothes to shift things in your lives for the better on different levels.  The pieces of clothing that remain after you’ve released the old, will serve you well.  

Consider your newly refreshed wardrobe as a means to express who you are now.  Wear outfits which make you feel great by simply wearing them.   Be sure the outfit doesn’t overpower you or detract from your natural attributes.  Usually, as we age, the cleaner the look the better.  By this I mean dress so that you draw your eye to your strong features by accentuating them, not detracting from them with too many layers, loud patterns or too much jewelry!

Clothes speak volumes about who you are.  If you are put together it speaks of self respect which, in turn, makes people respect you.  If you are always dressed casually, your level of work will be average.  If you dress up a notch you help bump up the quality and level of work you produce.  It is proven to be so.  

For me personally, my wardrobe is a wonderful tool which helps me say to the world: “This is who I am and I’m ready!”  I dress up and show up.  My wardrobe is in constant renewal mode just as I am throughout the year.  January is a good time, however, to really consider how and what you want from your life, yourself and others for the new year.  Just remember: Be ready to receive by first releasing what no longer serves you.  Good luck and happy new year and happy new you!

My 10 Beauty Rules: Keeping It Simple

1.  Ever since I was little, the importance of eating well was stressed in our household.  To this day, I always try to eat fresh, unprocessed food everyday plus drink lots of water. My body rewards me by feeling so much better if I do!

2.  I’ve said it before that a fail proof evening look is red lipstick.  Find the right shade that fits your coloring (thank goodness there are so many to choose from!) and you instantly look dressed up.

3.  When it comes to my skin, I’m very low maintenance.  I like to spritz pure rose water on my clean skin and even after my makeup is on.  It encourages the formation of collagen and has been a beauty secret for thousands of years.  I love the way it smells, too!

4.  Without a doubt, sleep is so important. Times that I haven’t slept enough it shows in my skin.  Seven to eight hours every night is what I aim for.

5.  With just a little eye makeup on to define my eyes helps make me feel pretty.  It takes me a couple of minutes to apply.  Such a fast and easy effort for day long benefits!

6.  I find the less product I put in my hair, the better condition it stays in.  I like to experiment with new hairdos to keep it interesting.

7.  Recently I switched all my makeup products to Rejuva Made by a woman who had bad allergies, she created a line of pure products that even people with sensitive skin and skin allergies can wear it (that was me.)

8.  Sometimes I like wearing a fragrance of pure oils (cardamon is my favorite) but I apply it lightly because nothing is worst than being next to someone who’s perfume is so strong that you can’t breathe.

9.  Exercise must be a part of my life or else I feel lousy.  Regular exercise, done properly and regularly is as important as eating right and sleeping enough!

10. My desert-island essential would be blush.  You can use it on your cheeks, brow bone and lips to give you a healthy and vibrant appearance.

Feeding Your Hair

Virgin, unrefined and organic coconut oil is a great product for your hair because not only

does it condition your hair and smell nice, but it helps smooth those little fly-aways that

want to stand straight up!  Also, it seems to deepen the tones of color which makes for

richer looking hair. The coconut oil washes out easily (if you apply it lightly) and you can

even use it to moisturize your face and hands. Even if you have sensitive skin, this oil

should be mild and gentle enough not to cause an allergic reaction. You get three super

nourishing, natural products in one! That’s nice on the pocket book!

Frugal and Still Fabulous!

Do you have clothes hanging in your closet that you haven’t even worn yet? Do you wonder what made you buy them in the first place? Do you look at these pieces of clothing and feel you wouldn’t know how to wear it or wouldn’t even dare wear it out? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Women can be impulse buyers. They can be talked into buying something that isn’t right for them if they don’t know what is right for them. Think of the money spent for nothing. Think of your hard earned money wasted on clothing that you never have and never will wear again. This, my friends, is not frugal. Let me tell you a good way to spend your hard earned money and that is to get help learning what style works best for your body type. Once you know what you are looking for in clothes stores, shopping becomes fun, fast, and satisfying.

Just last week I spent a few hours with a client helping her understand what looked best on her. I took into consideration her body type, natural coloring and lifestyle. At the end of our session she grasped what is was she needed to look her best and the next day she sent me an email saying “now shopping is fun!”

Save money and be frugal buy investing in a professional image consulting service, like mine. Go to thrift stores and buy clothes for a fraction of the full retail price, and start to look fabulous because you know you look your best and you will feel your best knowing that what you are wearing is ‘suited’ to you personally, and you didn’t break the bank to look fabulous!

Grey Hair? Oh NO! (Oh YEAH!)

Allowing my grey hair to grow in was liberating.  No more expense, no more scheduling important events around my hair appointments, no more embarrassing days when the roots were growing in.  Finally, I had healthy hair again!

Now, I’m not campaigning against coloring your hair.  Not at all.  A woman needs to do what makes her feel beautiful.  What I would like to see more of are women who feel beautiful as they are. That’s why I reach out to young women and help them embrace and develop their own natural beauty.

Get them to consider as young as possible to not start pouring chemicals on their heads for decades. There is absolutely no need for it.  There are other ways to enhance your look.  Consider changing the color of your makeup and clothes instead of your hair!  Read more about this here:

After all, you wear eye makeup and blush and lipstick and they all change the color of your skin.  From all the women I have spoken to on this subject, (and there has been many) I discovered that women color their hair because 1) they don’t like their natural color and 2) they think they will look much older.  Basically, what I am hearing them say is that they don’t like what they look like naturally.

Yet consider this: Nature knows the best and most complimentary color for you. Your natural hair color softens the look of your skin. It’s the most flattering color you can wear. Wrinkles look less strong while your eye and lip color look stronger.  Trust me, I know what I’m talking about!  Please share your comments about this hot topic.